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November 10, 2019

Beachin’ at Laiya, San Juan, Batangas Beachin’ at Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Last week, we were able to go on our long overdue beach trip. We were planning to go before the start of school year but we decided against it as we had no helper. I’m so glad I agreed to my husband that we should go on an out of town trip with the girls while it was sembreak (and also while we have a helper). Good thing we were able to book a room in Acuaverde Resort even if the trip was somehow a last-minute plan.

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July 06, 2019

Resort Review: Acuaverde Beach Resort Day Tour

17th of June 2018. We honor all the fathers who worked hard to provide for their family. Shout out to my dad who always wants the best for his family. So for father’s day, my brother and I spontaneously invited the family for a day trip in San Juan, Batangas. Thank God every one (particularly daddy) agreed. (Side story: We were planning a San Felipe, Zambales or a San Juan, La Union trip. However, Zambales was still recovering from habagat wrath while La Union has few beach resorts good for a day trip that is pet friendly.)

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May 19, 2018

Acuaverde Beach Resort Laiya, Batangas – An honest-to-goodness review

So it was a long hiatus I should say. Can you believe that? It’s been a year since I last wrote about how my son’s first Kidzania experience went. So Summer, how many of you have gone to the beach? or been crazy eyeing to get to the beach?! MAYO pa lang mga besh! Pwede pa humabol sa Summer.

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November 18, 2017

Acuaverde Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas – A Review + Tuz’s First Birthday Celebration

It’s Tuz’s 2nd birthday yesterday late evening, Nov. 17, at exactly 11:47 PM. I can still remember all the pain I went through when I was induced starting at 7AM 2 years ago, only to get an emergency C-section late that evening. Was it worth it? Definitely! Despite the fact that Tuz is now in the terrible twos stage and all my patience is running dry, having a child of my own with my very best friend in the whole universe is still the best thing that ever happened to me and I thank God each second of my life for it.

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May 02, 2016

Acuaverde Beach Resort, San Juan, Laiya, Batangas

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